Art and Logic

OUR DEVELOPERS DO THE HARD STUFF Art+Logic designers and developers know how to solve even the most unusual and thorny problems — often where others have failed. We’re comfortable with the entire software development process, from concept to maturity. When there are unforeseen circumstances, or your project has its first hiccup, you can rely on us to know how to overcome any unexpected technical issues. We follow a proven software development process that is built on realistic estimates, a flexible methodology, and a belief in raw talent. Our developers apply the principles of “agile” software development in a flexible, practical way that respects the iterations of software development, and allows for any necessary adjustments or changes of course. We only hire great programmers, comfortable in the knowledge that a “great” programmer can be ten times more productive and innovative than an “average” one.


  • Pasedena
  • California
  • United States