Companies starting with D

DAWn Audio LLC

Make Music Together Online.
With Your Favorite Tools.
Not A New DAW But A Bridge Between All.

Digitaize Smart Musical Instruments

The most advanced technology for string instruments

DigitAize redefines the way of approaching Pitch to Midi by making it dramatically faster and more precise than any other available solution.


MIDIplus makes a wide range of MIDI products under its MIDIplus brand name and also for many MIDI companies around the world.  


DoreMIDI was founded by HUASHI, a professional MIDI hardware design team, mainly to provide customers with various MIDI solutions. MIDI designers have more than 6 years of MIDI design experience and have developed into a manufacturer of high-quality, high-level and high-level musical instrument accessories.

Dream Sound Synthesis & Audio Applications

Since 1987, Dream® has been providing leading edge Hardware and Software solutions for sound synthesis and sound processing worldwide.