The MIDI Forum


MIDI Specifications

Have questions about the MIDI specification? Here is the place to ask. 


MIDI Software

Here's a place to discuss MIDI Software whether it's Mac, PC, Android or iOS. 


MIDI Hardware

Here is where you can talk about what you control with MIDI. whether it is MIDI Keyboards, Drums, DJ Gear, Guitars, Wind controllers, alternate controllers, and Digital Audio/MIDI workstation software, MIDI lighting, show control or robotics.


MIDI Connections

Here where you can ask questions and discuss how you connect your MIDI gear whether it is MIDI-5 pin Din, Serial Ports, Firewire, USB, Bluetooth Wireless, RTP-MIDI, or Web MIDI.


Getting Started with MIDI

If you're just getting started, not to worry. We've got you covered. 


Creating with MIDI

Here you can talk about creating with MIDI whether it's using MIDI in live performances, writing songs, movie scores ot music for games ?

No matter what you're creating with MIDI you can talk about it here.


The MIDI Association

MIDI Association Logo TM BlackThis is the place to start conversations about the MIDI Association and the MIDI.org website. 
As we are a non profit, volunteer based community, it's up to the people who work, play and create with MIDI to help guide the direction of the community and we welcome your feedback. 

There is only one rule, be respectful of other individual members.

MIDI News & Stories

There's MIDI news and stories about MIDI gear and people happening every day. Here's where to discuss it.