MetaGlove for Augmented Arts

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Submitted by:Oriol Ribera

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

MetaGlove for Augmented Arts

The Meta Glove for Augmented Art is a low cost MIDI controller glove that allows musicians and artists to augment their digital expressivity resulting in high impact, high publicity and social media attention for them and their sponsors.

Product Description

MetaGlove for Augmented Arts

  1. I am thrilled to present a proof of concept of the Augmented Art glove with potential to transform the world of music and art.

    Find attached in the submission form:
    -2 pictures of the glove when used for trumpet
    -Link to the YouTube Live Digital Trumpet performance using the MetaGlove -Link to the World Trumpet Society Music Entrepreneurship Public Finalist

    List as "Live Digital Trumpet" -Link to my Linkedin profile

    In May 2021 I developed this intereactive glove with the help of key colleagues to help me augment the digital expressivity in live concerts, kind of a live DJ of the artist sound with a cost 10x times cheaper than existing interactive gloves that start at 1500€ and are closed, therefore non customizable.

    Just one month later, in June we became finalist of the World Trumpet Society Music Entrepreneurship Competition.

The MIDI award would mean so much for us and the users we want to help...!

Other key contributors that helped the MetaGlove happen:
·Daniel Rosero: bass player and Multimedia Engineer and Master in Data

Science with solid background in music interaction and mobile applications at Hewlett Packard

·Juan Pablo Carrascal: guitar player and User Experience (UX) researcher and musician currently working at Microsoft

·Alberto Constans: saxo player and Executive, Investor, and Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the Financial Services and Technology industry like Banc Sabadell, Bankinter and PWC

How It's Innovative

I started this MVP with the aim of proofing my customers that the Innovation Safari tech ideation and design methodologies that we use can provide them similar breakthroughs when applied to their businesses.

I chose two topics I'm passionate about: trumpet playing and electronic music like Daft Punk, Rhone (the sample in the video) or Jhon Hopkins.

The artistic challenge was that trumpet standalone does not match well the soundscape of the digital songs: lack of reverb, arpeggiators, spatialization, or digital distortions amongst others. This was a concept I had in mind years before, however, technology was still behind in size, power, and standards. Nowadays, small processors with BLE provide good performance, low latency and standardised MIDI for a fair cost.

IMHO, several evidences proof its innovativeness:
1. Unique innovation process used created by me in 2012 as part of a large

digital innovation lab (3xFactor)
2. The fact of being recommended to attend the WTS MEC competition and

the fact of being finalist
3. The traction of by potential users when using this first MVP
4. The feedback of subject mater experts received during the Mobile World

Congress held in Barcelona in March

(1) About the uniqueness of the innovation process, called 3xFactor, its creative canvas and framework to help create high valuable innovations. The canvas has three axis, the amazing user experience axis, the innovativeness of the technologies used, and the innovativeness of the business model. The higher those three factors are, the higher the value.

(2) Initially I did not aim to present the MetaGlove to the World Trumpet Society Music Entrepreneurship Competition -WTS MEC-, however, my professor of trumpet, Professor of the Berkelee School of Music and seasoned international jazz player, was surprised with the artistic innovativeness of the glove and pushed us to participate in the WTS MEC formed by an international jury was formed by independent professionals from different domains of the music industry, countries, and academic background:

(3) Another evidence is the traction generated by potential users; when using this first MVP, after testing it with myself other musicians illustrators, and fashion designers and other creators have realised that unique textures and gestures may potentially result in unique novel creations with high publicity and social media engagement both to promote their work, attract more customers, and find paid sponsors.

(4) During the Mobile World Congress we showcased the MetaGlove to several potential sponsors and subject mater experts and we received requests to move ahead for meetings with large global telecom operators, IT consulting innovation departments, small innovative robotic companies, and even elder healthcare companies.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

The primary applications are live content creation for the Media and Entertainment Industry, as well as healthcare as described below. standard MIDI apps in the phone or tablet.

Whilst practicing and playing live, me and other artist we have realised of a unexpected result. The plain instrument or painting is transformed into a whole new artistic performance because of the gesticulation and dance that the content creator may do to interact with the work of art. This opens a promising field for content creators to deliver a new kind of art live instead of recorded one, a powerful opportunity to boost sponsorships aimed to impact in the social networks.

Another important industry that has approached has been the healthcare, thought leaders like hand surgeons have approached us to ensure patient recovery thanks to the 24x7 monitoring of the wrist, hand and fingers movements and potentially weight tracking. In addition, some heads of innovation from various hospitals might potentially show interest to help cognitive disabled patients keep mentally active by playing with sound, music, and visuals .

This MIDI award would help us raise funds and sponsorships to keep innovating and adapt the glove potentially to the healthcare domain helping patients recovering from wrist and hand thanks to the surgeon interest, as well as cognitive disabled patients with hospitals.

Expansion Plans

The expansion will be greatly determined by the mentioned phases in the other chapter. Barcelona is my hometown and there is a rich ecosystem of artists, content producers, global congresses (MWC, ISE, OFF,....)

Phase I: 2H2021 - Sponsorship and Market Tests : aim find initial funding, sponsors, and customers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Marketing mix combining press release, congresses and artistic gigs

-Capacity: 5 persons + 10 expert partners - Firsts contracts with artists

- First leads and sales with potential customers
- First conversations and demos with hospitals for elder people - First meetings with potential investors
- Application to public funds if there are good tradeoffs

- Barcelona OFF congress: creative agencies congress

- Barcelona ISE Multimedia congress: connect with content producers and media platforms

- Barcelona premiere: concert and live painting with the live glove searching for initial funding or sponsors

- Paris Fashion Show: search sponsor brands or corporate funds
- Tokyo Tech Fair: build reseller network and corporate fund
- Visits and concert for inverstors and brands in Silicon Valley and New York

Phase 2: to 1H2022 - Augmented Artist Go To Market & Multiverse Test ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Marketing mix: idem + combining press release , online ads and gigs -Capacity: 5 persons + 30 expert partners
-Delivery of the gloves for AA
-First impacts in the Metaverse

-Closing of first round of investors


With some background in tech sales, the plan would look like:

Fase I: 2H2021 - Sponsorship and Market Tests --------------------------------------------------

- Portfolio offering: branding of market test for Augmented Art live scenarios in real world and metaverse

- Target users: content creators (musicians, painters, fashion designers)

- Target customers: Brand Managers, Sponsorships Managers, Innovation Directors, Content Producers

- Expected revenues (sales, funds,...): 10 x 20K€ = 200K€

Fase 2: to 1H2022 - Augmented Artist Go To Market & Multiverse Test ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Poftfolio offering:
1. Commercial MetaGloves for Augmented Art solution v1.0 2. Market test of the metaverses' Augmented Art events
3. Market tests in health industry

- Target users: healthcare industry + content creators

- Target customers: Brand Managers, Sponsorships Managers, Innovation Directors, Content Producers

- Expected sales: 20 x 50K€ = 500 K€

The rest of the phases will greatly depend on the results of phase 1 and 2, so its better to address those later.