Steinway & Sons has a long history of technology innovation 

Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg built his first grand piano in Germany in 1836.  He moved to New York, changed his last name to Steinway and established Steinway & Sons in 1853.  The company has always been focused on new technology and in its first 40 years in business were granted over 50 patents based on scientific research including the acoustical theories of the Hermann von Helmholtz. 

So why is Steinway and Sons a member of The MIDI Association? 

Steinway has continued to evolve piano technology, and their latest offering is the Spirio | r, a high resolution player piano capable of live performance capture and playback.

Spirio |will record in high resolution 

Spirio | r will edit in high resolution 

Spirio | r offers seamless connectivity

Spirio |offers a world class library

Steinway & Sons is contributing to the future of MIDI 2.0

As you can see from the feature set of the current Spirio | r, it will be a great match for the high resolution and bi-directional capabilities of MIDI 2.0. There are Piano Profile and Standard MIDI 2 File Format working groups that are defining new standards for interoperability between player pianos and Steinway staff are active participants.  

The MIDI Association is honored to have Steinway as a corporate member because the company has had a very long tradition of technical excellence.