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SHARC MIDI and Audio Module from Analog Devices


Do you want to develop MIDI hardware products?

The SHARC® Audio Module is an expandable hardware/software platform enabling project prototyping, development and deployment of audio applications including effects processors; multi-channel audio systems; MIDI synthesizers/controllers, and many other DSP/MIDI-based audio projects.

The centerpiece of the SHARC Audio Module is Analog Devices' high-performance SHARC ADSP-SC589. Combining two 450 MHz floating point DSP cores, a 450MHz ARM® Cortex®-A5 core and an FFT/IFFT accelerator with a massive amount of on-board I/O, the ADSP-SC589 is a remarkable engine for audio processing.

This development platform is designed for the experienced programmer and is supported with an extensive wiki that includes a bare metal, light-weight C / C++ framework designed for efficient audio signal processing with lots of example code and numerous tutorials and videos. These tutorials include audio processing basics, effects creation and a simple MIDI synthesizer.

In addition, the SHARC Audio Module supports the MicroPython programming language and Faust, a functional programming language, specifically designed for real-time audio signal processing and synthesis.

The SHARC Audio Module from Analog Devices comes complete with a license-free Eclipse development environment (CCES) and a free in-circuit emulator. Also available is the Audio Project Fin – a must-have add-on board for serious MIDI developers with 5-pin MIDI Din, ¼ balanced audio, control pots, switches and a prototyping area.The best news is that both boards can be had for less than $300 total!

For more information on ordering, see the SHARC Audio Module and Audio Project pages. 

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