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IK Multimedia's Uno Pro Synth features analog sound and advanced MIDI and CV/Gate Connectivity


Available in  tabletop and keyboard versions, IK's follow up to the original UNO adds a lot of new capabilities

The new IK Multimedia Uno Pro lineup has two versions- the Synth Pro features a 37-note Fatar keyboard and pitch/mod wheels while the Synth Pro Desktop version has capacitance-sensing keys and pitch/mod touchstrips.  But the connectivity and sound engines for each model are the same.

The Synth Pro and the Synth Pro Desktop

The analog synth engines in both the Uno Pro models each  have three analogue oscillators and lots of modulation possibilities.  Each Oscillator allows variable waveshape and pulse width modulation. You can have the oscillators interact with each other via  hard-sync,  FM, and ring modulation.  There is also a white noise oscillator.

Compared to the original Uno Synth,  the Pro versions have been improved by a new SSI 2/4-pole low-pass filter and you can even use the two filters in series or parallel and with invertible phase, giving you a total of 24 possible filter modes. 

You can connect your MIDI and your modular gear together

Besides the usual connectivity for audio (balanced stereo outs and a headphone output) and standard 5-pin MIDI DIN in and out and USB MIDI, there are also  assignable CV and gate connections for connecting to modular and semi-modular gear. Another plus the audio input so you can run other instruments through the internal filter and effects.

Check out Eric Norlander describe the UNO synth Pro 

Gallery of Uno Pro Images 

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