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Dave Rossum, EMU, and Rossum Electro

Screenshot-2022-12-24-at-2.01.06-PM Dave Rossum at Synthplex 2022

Dave Rossum is another one of the founders of the modern music production ecosystem and had a unique relationship with several other key synth figures including Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim.   In fact, it was core technologies that Dave developed that allowed Oberheim and Sequential Circuits polyphonic synthesizers to be develope...

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Alan R Pearlman and ARP Synthesizers


Alan Robert Pearlman was born in 1925 (9 years before Bob Moog and 12 years before Don Buchla although he would outlive them both) and grew up in New York City.   Like many electronics buffs in the mid 20th century, he grew up making radios out of kits and schematics from Popular Mechanics.   He attended Worcester...

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Don Buchla-a different approach to sound and life

buchla1960s Don Buchla- Different Approach

At almost the exact same time that Bob Moog was starting to make modular synths on the East Coast, Don Buchla was starting to make modular synths on the West Coast at the San Francisco Tape Music Center.  Buchla was born in Southern California in 1937 and studied physics and music at UC Berkeley graduating with as a physic major...

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MIDI History:Chapter 4-Synths Come of Age 1900-1963


The first electronic musical instruments As electricity became more widely available, the early 20th century saw the invention of electronic musical instruments including the Telharmonium, Trautonium, Ondes Martenot, the Theremin and the Hammond organ. What is interesting in looking at these early devices is how much they foreshadow the future...

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Bob Moog- The Father of Modern Synthesis

1986-1-Bob-MIDI-article Bob Moog's Article for AES about MIDI

If you were forced to pick one single person who is responsible for the creation of the modern music production environment, Bob Moog would be a good choice.    He spans the era from the early days of synths to the post MIDI world and is arguably the most influential figure in synth history.    In researching...

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In praise of MIDI, tech’s hidden gift to humanity


The Register posted an article today about Firefox supporting Web MIDI.  MIDI was created by a small group of American and Japanese synthesiser makers. Before it, you could hook synths, drum machines and sequences together, but only through analogue voltages and pulses. Making, recording and especially touring electronic music was messy, ...

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2023 MIDI Innovation Awards Now Open for Entries

4281851957_Musical_Instrument_Digital_Interface_connects_video_artists_and_musicians_together_to_create_new_realities AI Generated Image from the text "Musical_Instrument_Digital_Interface_connects_video_artists_and_musicians_together_to_create_new_realities"

Are you exploring new ways for musicians to interact with digital musical instruments? Have an idea for an original electronic instrument or controller? Trying to raise investment or attract attention for a new product? If you're looking to make waves in music technology, you need to know about The MIDI Innovation Awards. In 2023, MIDI celebrates i...

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The MIDI Association at ADC 2022


The MIDI Association will be presenting two very important sessions at the Audio Developers Conference in 2022  There are two very important MIDI Association sessions for developers at ADC 2022 described below. Those sessions are important because since adopting the core MIDI 2.0 specifications in January of ...

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AMEI to Fund Open Source MIDI 2.0 Driver for Windows


November 1, 2022 - The Association of Musical Electronics Industries (AMEI), the organization that oversees the MIDI specification in Japan, has committed to funding the development of an open-source USB MIDI 2.0 Host Driver for Windows Operating Systems under a memorandum of understanding between AMEI, AmeNote Inc, and Microsoft. AMEI is underwrit...

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Hans Zimmer says "“MIDI saved my life”

Hans-Zimmer-Image-credit--Lee-Kirby Hans-Zimmer-Image-credit--Lee-Kirby

Hans Zimmer is one of the most famous and prolific film composer in the world.  He has composed music for over 150 films including blockbusters like The Lion King, Gladiator, The Last Samurai, the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar and Dunkirk.  In a recent interview with ...

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