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DoreMIDI releases MPC10 Analog Pedal to MIDI Convertor


MIDI Association member DoreMIDI announced the MPC10 Pedal convertor

MIDI Pedal Converter (MPC-10) is a converter designed by DOREMiDi that can automatically detect multiple types of instrument pedals and convert the signals from the pedals into MIDI Messages.  This product is compatible with positive polarity expression pedal, reverse polarity expression pedal,sustain pedal, and dual-switch pedal. It has MIDI DIN and USB MIDI outputs, and is suitable for use in a variety of performance scenarios.

by DoreMIDI

Different Types of Pedals Can be Connected

MPC-10 has 2 pedal connections and can automatically detect different types of pedals  (currently compatible with positive polarity expression pedals, reverse polarity expression pedals, sustain pedals, and dual switch type pedals).

Connect the Pedals to your MIDI Instrument

MPC-10 has a MIDI output interface, which can be directly connected to musical instruments with a MIDI input interface.In order to maintain a portable design, MPC-10 uses a 3.5 audio port as MIDI output, which can be converted to a standard MIDI DIN interface using a 3.5-to-MIDI five-pin cable (this accessory is included in the product package).

Connect to your Computer

MPC-10 is equipped with USB MIDI function, so you can directly connect to a computer, mobile phone. It is compatible with with class compliant drivers for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other systems so there no need to install drivers, The MPC 10 is plug and play.

Flexible MIDI Message Configuration

MPC-10 can flexibly configure MIDI messages for each pedal through DOREMiDi's pedal setting software (Windows only). If the pedal MIDI message is not configured, MPC-10 uses the default values of the expression pedal is MIDI CC = 21; the default value of the single switch type pedal is MIDI CC = 64 (Sustain); the default value of the dual switch pedal is MIDI CC = 64 (Sustain), MIDI CC = 66 (Sostenuto).)

For more  information, visit the DoreMIDI website.

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