Friday, 30 July 2021
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wrk2mid is an open source command line utility for translating WRK (Cakewalk) files into MID (standard MIDI files) based on Drumstick (a set of GPLv3 licensed C++/Qt libraries for MIDI applications).

License: GPLv3

Usage: wrk2mid [options] file
Command line utility for translating WRK (Cakewalk) files into MID (standard MIDI files)

-h, --help Displays help on commandline options.
--help-all Displays help including Qt specific options.
-v, --version Displays version information.
-f, --format <format> SMF Format (0/1)
-o, --output <output> Output file name
-t, --test Test only (no output)

file Input WRK File Name

Minimum build requirements:

  • C++11 compiler
  • Qt5 or Qt6
  • Drumstick 2.3
  • pandoc
  • CMake 3.14

Build and deployment commands (for Linux):

$ tar -xvzf wrk2mid-x.y.z.tar.gz
$ cd wrk2mid-x.y.z
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake .. -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="$HOME/Qt5;$HOME/drumstick2"
$ make
$ make install

You need to replace the contents of the parameter CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH with the actual paths in your system. There are x86_64 precompiled packages for Linux and Windows.


Git repository:

Mirror at GitHub:
A new release has been published today, along with Drumstick Libraries v2.5.0


Changes in WRK2MID v1.1.0:

  • New build option: BUILD_DOCS.
  • New Build option: USE_QT to choose between Qt5 and Qt6. Closes ticket #3.
  • Convert WRK track Port parameter. Closes ticket #2.
  • Convert WRK markers into SMF text markers. Closes ticket #1.
  • Displayed compiled and runtime library version information.

Changes in Drumstick v2.5.0:

  • New build options: BUILD_ALSA, BUILD_FILE, BUILD_RT, BUILD_WIDGETS to control building only some of the libraries.
  • RT, VPiano: Fixed ALSA and CoreMIDI backends, enabling empty connections (for using external connection tools).
  • Deprecation of the Drumstick::File functions affected by the QTextCodec class removal on Qt6.
  • Raised macOS deployment target to 10.13 (High Sierra).
  • Widgets: changed the white keys background picture depending on the key background color.
  • VPiano: new option to display inverted key colors.
  • File: WRK format markers processing. Closes ticket #37.
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