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  Friday, 14 May 2021
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Sorry i have to return to this very basic question.
But why PPQ, a division of note resolution into fractions of parts per quarter?
It is not a timedependent division until you add BPM?

Why is the resolution of the music BPM dependent "number of ticks per second variable".
Why just not settle for highest desirable ticks/second and lock in there?
Then changin BPM becomes a fractional measurement "note drift within ticks", but the ticks every second is the same.

Is there a musical or technical reason for letting the ticks per second drift between diffrent BPM's????
If so i would like an explanation because i really do not get it?

Maybe it is inheritance from the time the time resolution was really low, and quantization degree of music became high recording midi?
1 year ago
My attempt making "playup" independent of ticks and rather time based, i will have to give up, i did my best but Javascript is far to inaccurate to be useful using timeouts.
I still think my solution is better, but i have to bow to the midi gods and implement timedependent ticks "and probably PPQ ticks", to make a satisfiable listening experience.

It just seem such a waste with processor cycles, but maybe it is done anyway in the background with setTimeOuts "are we there yet,are we there yet,are we there yet"

I do beleive though its gonna be alot harder getting any rendition done at the same time.
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