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  Wednesday, 05 May 2021
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Hello everyone!

The answer to my question is probably straightforward for many of you.
As I am completely new to the world of MIDI sounds, I have not found a suitable answer.

My daughter plays an electronic recorder made by Mollenhauer. This recorder has a guitar connection and is connected to a BOSS GT-001. Now I'm looking for a Windows program that converts the MIDI signal from the BOSS GT-001 live into virtual sounds.

Could you suggest programs to me or say what this type of program is called?

Thanks for the help in advance.

1 year ago
Although i am not sure what you aim to do, i guess you want midi to transcribe the music she play, or do you want synthsound out instead of the pickup sound?
There is today software that will convert "audio" pickups/mics to midi in realtime, never tested any though.

Maybe you could test something like this?

But i had guitar synth devices Roland GR that could be hooked up to midi synths via midi.
But i guess this some sort of flute, and i am not sure a guitar syntn "module" would pickup right frequensies?
1 year ago
You will be looking for a software synthesizer.

Some those are stand-alone applications that use the MIDI signal coming into the OS from the GT-001.
Others are "plugins" that run inside a plugin host. The plugin host gets the MIDI signal coming into the OS from the GT-001 and forwards them to the software synthesizer.
The most common plugin host is a "DAW", digital audio workstation. A DAW records audio and MIDi, gives editing and production tools.

There are free software synthesizers that you could try out, to gain experience, lean more about what you might really want, before spending on a paid product.

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