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  Wednesday, 19 July 2017
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Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to add guitar effect patch changes to a Midi music file?

I have a duo and play Live in a Bar here in Liberia. I want to start using more MIDI files in the show. We currently use a Yamaha PSR S900 to do all the backing and then a guitarist.

If I bought something like a Behringer V amp 2 with Midi, Could I then add data to the Midi file so that it changes patches on the Behringer automatically. So when the file starts its sets the guitar tone up correctly and then (perhaps) later in the song switch to overdrive for the lead and then back to rhythm guitar. All from the MIDI file. No foot switches, no pedals, just automatic.

Be a dream if it could - and then again how? And what would be some issues like note on or off problems.


Steve Ambrose
A MIDI file can contain any MIDI messages.

A program to edit MIDI files is called a MIDI editor or sequencer.
4 years ago
Yes, just edit the MIDI data and add in extra program changes, which can even apply to just 1 note. Within one track you can have any number of program changes, and sway back and forth between different sounds.

You might also use two or more channels each for a different variant of guitar sound, such that at any moment within the song one sound or another might apply.

This latter would be more flexible, AND would allow overlaying of sounds to create even more variety of guitar sounds. Experiment with different combinations, including different volume settings. And why stop at two sounds overlayed?

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