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  Thursday, 22 June 2017
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Hello. I am an EDM artist that just got started with MIDI. I recently purchased an MMCABLE but that has no USB, so I cannot connect my Casio LK-100 keyboard to my PC. Should I purchase a new cable with a USB, or can I connect it?
As far as I can see, "MMCABLE" appears to be a brand name.

I guess you bought the cable labelled as "Universal PC MIDI Connector Cable", which is intended to connect to a PC that has a sound card with a joystick port. That cable might have been useful twenty years ago (when such sound cards were actually used), but it's completely useless nowadays. (Which is the reason why this thing is no longer sold by reputable dealers, but only on eBay.)

For any modern PC, you indeed need a USB/MIDI interface cable. You can buy any model (but beware of the cheap one in a round case with three LEDs and a clef printed on it, sold under many names; that one has several hardware and software bugs and does not work in quite a few circumstances).
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