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  Friday, 05 February 2021
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On another page I've just cried on your shoulders about my failed attempts (and apparently lots of people's) to MIDI sequence the Roland Go Keys from computer over a hardware interface. Trouble's happening with other instruments too.

I thought the EW410 would be perfect for my projects and ordered one at my local music store. Attempts to play my MIDI tracks from church on it were pathetic. I emailed Yamaha's customer support dept. and somebody named Isaac called me from it in response. He directed me to a Steinberg software link in their site, which I downloaded.

Things seemed vastly better, but what's this -- the sound palette is discombobulated. I'm selecting 'BriteOrg' but hearing harpsichord, 'Musette' is a lovely string orchestra sound ad inf.!
This resulted in Isaac's second call. He decided that my tracks were sending patch (or sound or registration) signals that were throwing off those in the EW410. This doesn't make any sense to me and I realized after we hung up that the tracks I was testing with don't have any such signals in them. Most of mine have such content from a Rodgers church organ, but not those.

I emailed him again to report this plus the following, revised for clarity: "I just carefully tried the whole process step by step here at home. Rebooting the laptop, connecting it to the EW410 and only opening Cakewalk cuts the instrument's sound off completely. Tried changing sounds while playing the keyboard at this stage -- still silent including when I closed the 'Open a project' box that shows automatically when opening Cakewalk." (Merely reporting -- I don't play along with my tracks).

"Opening the same track as before but not activating it, the piano sound played as I continued playing on the keyboard but I could then change patches and they worked normally. Activating the track it played in the default piano sound, impervious to change till I reset Output and Channel for it (as required by the EW410) -- but it was then back to square one: crazy mismatched patches/names up the list."

Haven't heard back yet but it's only been a couple of days. Maybe he considers himself rid of me. I've never needed drivers etc for an instrument in almost 15 years of happy (and may I say pioneering) sequencing. I scoured the EW410's manual AND the mfgr's site before purchasing -- if this requirement is mentioned in them I'd love to know where (shades of the Go Keys experience). [LATER: FOUND IT IT LITTLE TINY PRINT IN THE MANUAL.]

In case anybody's interested my puter is a wonderful Windows 7 Toshiba Satellite laptop around 6-8 years old. It does everything else just fine and seems indestructible. The Steinberg download is built for it:
I will never, EVER go to Windows 10 if it's the last OS on earth.

Please my friends don't be in a rush to agree with Isaac that the EW410 isn't built to do any better than this. I really don't want to believe that of Yamaha, and eagerly await your input.
2 years ago
To be honest, although I did buy the harps some time back, I've never had the need to use a harp as a solo instrument, so I tend to use, when needed within an orchestra, the much simpler harp included in the GPO5 library. I'm no expert here.

One of the reasons I choose to use this library is because the sample playback uses a mechanism to define its parameters called "sfz".
This description is in the public domain and it means that the text files can be edited to change playback if so desired or if the occasional 'bug' is found.

In terms of optimisation I didn't have to do much just for MIDI, it was only when I started to use virtual instruments that performance needed tweaking.
I seem to recall that optimising for background services is one of the recommendations for MIDI, I'm not quite so sure when it comes to MIDI and audio.

I did run services.msc and disabled all of the "diagnostic" services and one or two others..
On my machine there were four of them, policy service, service host, system host and tracking service.
They were all to do with MS taking stats from your machine and caused hickups.
These were all added when MS tried to force Win10 onto my machine.

I did optimise mostly for performance, not everything. I went through them one by one and tried to consider what might make a significant difference.

The key thing I found was to disable all the networking during connections during sequencing as they tend to cause 'glitches', pauses in the smooth running.
I also then disable the anti-virus program when I'm off line, so it doesn't interfere periodically.

I use the MS recommended settings for page file and have max and min the same, as I recall.

BUT, it's totally up to you what you do.
I'm not an expert here and I'm not in any position to advise you.
If you make a mistake I'm not in a position to help.
Try searching around for tips on optimising Windoze for audio.
There are several places like sordum.org which offer utilities to help with the process.
My experience was very much trial and error process.
Always make sure you can retrace your steps in case something doesn't work as expected.
2 years ago
P.S. If you decide to go with GPO5 it's well worth while downloading the pdf format manual for GPO4 from the lnk below.
If you can, try printing out and learning the parts about what MIDI controls do what with the different instruments.

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