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Drumstick is a set of GPLv3 licensed C++/Qt libraries for MIDI applications. The project includes several tools as examples, and among them is the drumstick-guiplayer utility that leverages the Drumstick::ALSA library, so it is available only for Linux (because the ALSA sequencer is a linux only technology). Some people have complained that they would like to run a program with the same functionalities on Windows and macOS. And here it is...

Key features:

  • MIDI Output to hardware MIDI ports, or any other Drumstick backend
  • Transpose song tonality between -12 and +12 semitones
  • Change MIDI volume level (using MIDI CC7)
  • Scale song speed between half and double tempo


Git repoository: https://github.com/pedrolcl/dmidiplayer

Downloads for Linux, Windows and macOS: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dmidiplayer/files/
Since the original annoouncement the screenshot was updated automatically, but you may also want to know that v1.3.0 has been released with many additional features like...

  • Lyrics (karaoke), Piano Player. Rhythm and MIDI Channels views.
  • Automatic detection of text/lyrics encoding, that can be changed manually. It detects quite well CJK languages.
  • Supports MID/KAR (Standard MIDI Files) and WRK (Cakewalk) file formats


Linux users, please try the Flatpak: https://flathub.org/apps/details/net.sourceforge.dmidiplayer
Blog post: http://midi-clorianos.blogspot.com/2021/05/drumstick-multiplatform-midi-file.html
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing! Gonna try it soon.
Another release has been published. Here are the main changes for v1.4.0:

  • ticket #1: Playback positioning
  • * Replaced the progress bar by a slider, so the user can change the play position
    * Added forward/backward actions to advance or go back one bar
    * Added a Jump action to move the play position to some arbitrary bar
  • ticket #2: Playlist repetition options: Nothing, Last Song, Whole Playlist
  • ticket #8: (Lyrics text) Copy to clipboard, Save to File, Print
  • ticket #9: (after Drumstick ticket #31) Fallback output drivers
  • Playlist function shuffle
  • Toolbar buttons customizing dialog

Another release, with some new features and fixes. Changes in v1.5.0:

* Ticket #3: Song loop between bars
* Ticket #7: Help window and user documentation
* Ticket #10: Splash screen
* Ticket #11: Fixed Winsnap enable/disable
* Allow more than one file from the command line, or dragged from a file manager
* Some rough edges softened
* Czech translation updated, thanks to Pavel Fric
* Italian help page translated, thanks to Giovanni Mariani


New release v1.6.0, Dedicated to the Galician Literature Day (May 17th)


  • Czech translation updated. Thanks to Pavel Fric.
  • New Galician translation and help page.
  • New Galician song: Negra Sombra.
  • New temporary Splash screen for Galician language users.
  • Frameless CSD tool windows (channels, player piano, lyrics, help).
  • Better compatibility with Qt6.
  • Fixed the wrong icon shown in KDE+Wayland.
  • Load translations earlier, for command line options.
  • Avoid trying to load translations for English.
  • Requires: drumstick-2.6.



New release v1.7.0. Changes:

  • Persistent song configuration. Stored song settings like volume, pitch, tempo, text encoding and channel settings into song configuration files, either automatically or when requested explicitly.
  • MIDI Mixer: channel volumes can be adjusted individually.
  • New MIDI file online search link in the Help menu.
  • Other minor features: octave subscript designation, new in Drumstick v2.7.0.
  • Requires: drumstick-2.7.

Build requirements:

  • C++11 compiler
  • Qt5 >= 5.15 or Qt6 >= 6.2
  • Drumstick libraries v2.7
  • Uchardet v0.0.7
  • CMake 3.14
  • Pandoc (when BUILD_DOCS=on)

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