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  Tuesday, 02 February 2021
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Hello everyone.
I'm new here and would like to know how do I configure the pads of my Nektar Impact LX61 + controller.
I have read and reread the user manual and I did not know how to assign the pads other than for sending notes.
What I want to do is play a sample by pressing pad 1, play another sample by pressing pad 2, and so on while playing piano or strings using the entire length of the keyboard.
I already configured the pads for the trigger function but when I do the mapping on my DAW, all the pads have the same value, that is, pressing any one, all the samples start.

If anyone can help me, thank you in advance.

I think the important thing is to know if it really is possible, and if so, how can I do it.

Or, if the best thing is to sell the controller ?
1 year ago

The problem here is that 'standard' midi assumes that all percussion is using a specific channel, and the 'instrument' is a 'drum kit', although you may be able to select different drum kits (as different instruments). Within the drum kit selected, different types of percussion are assigned to different note numbers.

What you describe sounds like it's set up to work within the same parameters, and that's all.

To do what you want to do, you'd need to be able to assign different channels to different pads, and then your external equipment could set the different channels to the instruments you require, but then you might not have any control over the actual note played, this may have to be fixed. I assume the 'pad' would supply note ON only, it may not even supply any note OFF?

An alternative might be an expensive type of synthesizer (there might be 'virtual' types that do the same thing) where the system is designed to have each note of a 'voice' to be separately sampled, and hence as each key is pressed the relevant sample is played. The design assumes that each sample is of the same instrument, but in fact they could be of different things, which would allow you to do what you want so that the pads would be assigned to a single channel,which would be attached to this device and then specific pads could be assigned to specific note numbers which would play the sounds you require.

There was a thread here a while back, which was headed towards a similar conclusion, and someone else suggested that there WAS such a device. I'll do some digging and see if I can spot it.

In any case, any solution may be dependant on a second device (or software) and may still need the controller you have, so there may be no point is selling it until you've got a complete solution worked out.

Aha, the thread I was thinking of has been recently revived,and is here:


- is anything there of any help?

1 year ago
I guess the device only send on single midi channel or all, and u set all the intstrumen in DAW to receive at that channel?
You would need a sottware listening to the device that are able to change midichannel to respective VST, "depending on note pressed".

And sure there must be "possibly even VSTs that can do this". assign specific notes and remap the channel.
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