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  Wednesday, 13 January 2021
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Dear forum members,

I’m a total newbie to MIDI and seek some help to wrap my head around a problem caused by my various synths communicating on multiple (same) channels - refer to the picture.

All my MIDI gear is connected to my MOTU midi express XT interface via its eight MIDI In/Out ports and they respond to the stated MIDI channels.

1) Is it possible to trigger only one instrument on one MIDI channel and not all instruments on that MIDI channel? For example, how would I trigger the Access Virus TI2 on MIDI channel 3 and not the two other Elektron devices?

2) How would I have to set this up in hardware and in Digital Performer 10 as well as Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup app?

Thanks for any help!
2 years ago

There may be 'intelligent' hubs like the MOTU that can be programmed so that certain outputs send certain channels ONLY, but the usual way to resolve this issue is to use the facility whereby most midi devices can be set so that they receive on certain channels ONLY. This facility is there for this purpose. You would need to spread the available channels between the devices to suit your overall plan, otherwise all units will play all channels that they can play on, and that they receive data on.

Of course, it might be easier to use the power switch on the playing units to control whether they actually play or not, OR, if the Audio output of the units is running into a mixer of some sort, then mute the sounds that are not required.

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