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  Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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I load a gig soundfont into g-player vst and it shows that it has 3 separate subfiles: pedal down samples, pedal up samples and two pedals samples. I don't know what is two pedals samples. But how can i use that soundfont? I can load pedal up to one channel, pedal down to channel 2 and two pedals to channel 3. I suppose i need some midifilters to make ch 1 received notes ON events only when pedal is not pressed and ch 2 when perdal is pressed. How can i do it on linux via jackd?

We were hoping that perhaps someone more familiar with that specific software would answer. We aren't familiar with that particular piece of software, but in general articulation samples ( like pedal up and down) would be handled by the player ( in this case g-player VST ) rather than by putting the samples on different MIDI channels.

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6 years ago
Actually i can use linuxsampler+fantasia or carla for loading the soundfont. The gig file has 3 instruments and you can't load all 3 into one channel. You can load only into separate channels but assign ch 1 number to all three. Then i need somehow to prevent pedaldown instrument from sounding when pedal is not pressed. Also when pedal is pressed there should be some smooth transition from pedalup instrument to pedaldown instruments taking into account the time you have held the pedalup samples. Perhaps gig file is to be programed to implement all this but i don't have gigedit and don't know how to program this way.
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