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  Sunday, 01 November 2020
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Sorry for my not good english.
I'd like to do this thing.
I have a Win 10 computer with some midi devices (like Microsoft GS Wavetable synth, etc.). I connect to whis computer an usb device with a din5 midi in port.
Is this clear? Ok. Let's continue.
I have another computer and i connect an usb device with a din5 midi out cable. Now I put this midi out cable in the midi in port of the firt pc.
In the 2nd pc I choose this midi out cable to play midi files.
Does exist a simple software to install on the 1st pc that keep this midi signal from the midi in usb device, and play it on his midi out device (like Microsoft GS Wavetable or other, i will choose what device use to play)?
Thanks a lot
Any software program with MIDI THRU capabilities may work. I guess that every DAW would be able to do that. For instance, Cakewalk by BandLab, which is free. But I guess that any DAW would be too complicated for this simple use case. As an alternative, I can offer you my VMPK which is not made for this usage in the first place, but I think that would be simple enough.

The problem is that Windows does not provide a way to connect two MIDI devices natively (The Microsoft GS Wavetable synth is a software synth, but it is built as a device driver). It is a mirror problem like to connec two software MIDI programs in Windows, where you need to install a virtual MIDI cable to do that.
1 year ago
I would suggest you look at MIDI Tools from Mountain Utilities. The software and manual is a free download.

The Windows version supports a MIDI Thru function, so you don't need a "MIDI pipe" utility to redirect the MIDI flow. The manual is pretty good describing how it all works.

Good Luck!
1 year ago
This can be done by using Pro Tools MIDI Thru option. It can also be done through using FL Studio/ Fruity loops and other software as in the other comments.
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