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  Tuesday, 13 December 2016
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Ok, this might just be too much to ask for but I'm going to ask and see what happens. First, THANK YOU for even opening this post to see how goofy I am.

I have owned an M-Audio Axiom 61 (first generation) midi controller for SEVERAL years now. It's so simple to just set it up to communicate with my many many soft synths. I own Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate, Arturia V, KVR Audio's Synthmaster, Rob Papen's Predator, Predator 2, Blue II, Sylenth1 and more VST's as well.

I use both Ableton Live 9 and Pro Tools 11.

Here's my totally NOOB problem:

I don't even understand how to use any of the functions that are on this Axiom 61. I have always just played notes and recorded tracks in Live/PT 11 and made some original music but there's never been any problem just playing stuff. My real problem at the moment is that I don't even understand how to assign "Next Preset" or "Previous Preset" or bank, whatever you want to call it in the odd case where pressing the up/down arrow on the pc/mac keyboard doesn't work. this is a real pain in the behind using Synthmaster I'm not even worried with making custom banks/presets. If a particular VST/AAX/whatever doesn't respond to up/down/left/right from my pc keyboard I have to actually stop what I'm doing, use the mouse to select a new 'sound' and I'd really LOVE to be able to assign, for instance, one of my 8 programmable pressure pads on my Axiom 61 to tell the VST to go to next/previous soundbank.

"Midi Learn" seems to be just fine and easy if I want to assign a knob or slider to a synth control on Massive, FM8, etc. That works easily but I can't figure out how to change the 'stock preset/sound' to the next one in the list.

I'm sure whoever reading this is chuckling QUITE ENTHUSIASTICALLY right now and I know I'm dumber than a box of pencil shavings when it comes to this MIDI stuff but I could really use somebody's help.

I do own the "Enigma" software for my Axiom which is supposed to 'program' the keyboard/keys/etc but I don't have a clue on how to operate it, honestly.

Please help out if you have the time. I would truly appreciate it!

Stephen J. new NOOB member
Find out what messages are sent with the Next/Previous Preset buttons. (It's probably Program Change messages; M-Audio's web site is not helpful.)
If you do not have a program that shows messages, try some MIDI Monitor tool.
6 years ago
Thank you Clemens, I will try this
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