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  Wednesday, 06 May 2020
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Hi All! I hope you and yours are safe.
Thanks for the membership too!
Has there been any developments in converting .SNG files to normal midi files.
In my case, they were created on Voyetra’s Sequencer Plus Gold.
2 years ago
Hey Geoff! Thank you for your response.
I actually still have SPG running on a dos system. Unfortunately I have hundreds of files to be converted. I was hoping for an easier way. Lol. But I probably am going to have to accept that there’s no other way... God knows I have plenty of time on my hands these days. ?
2 years ago

It might be a help if you attached a small example of the type of file you have. I suspect verious different systems use the .SNG filename, but the actual data in them could be quite different.

I assume you no longer have access to the original software. That system might have an option to 'export' as .SMF or .MID.

Initial investigation suggests that Voyetra SPG is DOS software. Also the indication is that it CAN export to a .MID file.

I have just downloaded a version of the Voyetra system, version 4 point something. I have a number of pure DOS computers here, incl the one I use for most of my midi bits, so installing and running the system would be no problem. I'd just need to confirm that the version I've got WIL load your .SNG, and WILL export to .MID. I'd expect that the default SAVE process would still be .SNG, but the export to .MID would be an option. Both the DOS type sequencer systems I have already normally save as their own format, but CAN save as midi as an alternatinve

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