Sunday, 12 April 2020
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I have a MOTU Express 128 and it doesn't come with any software to operate it. I was told that I could use Ableton, but I don't know how to do that. I also was looking into Camelot to see if that would work. Any ideas? Thanks!
3 years ago

According to the MOTU website and the page(s) for this device, it should come with a CD containing a 'driver' which I would assume would allow some control over the device. This software may do what you need. Do you have this software - if not, then you should go to MOTU and poihnt out that your device has been supplied without it.

Secondly, I assume also that you have the User Manual (which is available to download via the website) - this may well provide information regarding using the device, and may well include SYSEX commands to do some of the things you might need to.

That aside, it might be a help if you indicated just what you want to do with the device. In it's simplest setup, it will just assign all inputs to relevant outputs without the complications of the 129 channels which will often NOT be supported by whatever you're trying to do, for example playing midi files. I have a couple of devices which will support Midi A and B, 16 channels each, and I've never bothered to use the second set, just no need to.

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