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  Friday, 11 November 2016
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I'm having problems sending continuous cc messages to a certain device.
When moving the pedal, the device doesn't follow but lags.
The manufacturer says that this is the problem of the Midi controller.
It should filter out the messages and send less data.
When moving the pedal it sends about 70 messages in a second.
When using the Midi monitoring in the Gordius, it sends about 12 per second and then there is no lag.

My question is this:
Is the filtering of Midi messages specified or should any device be able to handle a continuous stream when moving a pedal for instance?
The MIDI specification specifies a bandwidth of at most 3125 bytes per second, which is more than 1000 messages per second.
There is no requirements that senders throttle their output to less than that.

It is common that continuous controllers are filtered, but only so that enough bandwidth remains for other messages.

That certain device is crap.
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