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  Thursday, 05 December 2019
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hi i got a 76 note fatar keybed from a ketron keyboard, i wont to get it into a midi controller. i plugged it in into my alesis mx49 and only 49 keys worked. so any idea to build my own, what do i need for that thanks
3 years ago

Your message refers to 'midi 5 pin or usb'!

I suspect your actual query is nothing to do with this, so why the reference to midi 5 pin or usb?

Your actual stated query seems to relate to using a keyboard mechanism (?) with another unit. I would wonder if there is some connection between your problem and the statement that you're trying to connect a 76 key mechanism to a system designed for 49 keys, and only 49 work? I would rather suspect that something in the inner working of the MX49 is capable of handling 49 keys ONLY, and you would need to change the electronics, or the logic/programming, to get it to see all 76 keys?

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