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  Monday, 11 March 2019
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I am not a musician :-) My son is on his way, currently doing grade 4 piano. I thought it might be fun to get his piano talking to his lap top and down load some software to record his songs as MIDI files, so he can play around with them.

He has a a Yamaha piano, with midi in and out and all is working fine in terms of the midi interfcae and data too and from the piano. I can replay back to the piano and record form the piano no problem. However. When we record him playing it does not sound like him when it is played back, it sound like an automaton, very clunky and without feeling and rushed.

What am i doing wrong please? I expected it o record, everything about he played, in eth corrcet order, with e same tikem between notes, and same power of press of the key.

Any help would be grateful please.

Thanks in advance.

3 years ago
Well, a few things occur to me.
1. that you have quantising switched on in Anvil, which is by the way, a very capable little freee program.
Quantising drags the start of every note to exact position that it might be represented on a score. Humans don't play like that.
2. that the piano you are using is sending a fixed 'velocity' message to Anvil. i.e. that every note is played mezzo forte.
It may or may not be possible to change the velocity so that it is variable in the MIDI message.
(I don't think Anvil changes this value, but it might.)
3. The last is the 'tempo' that the MIDI file is recorded and subsequently played back at.
The playback tempo can be adjusted in Anvil.
Just some thoughts.
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