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  Friday, 23 September 2016
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I have a Yamaha NP12 keybord I recently purchased that has a USB out, a 1/4" out (line), and a headphone jack out.

I am trying to connect this to a Korg NS5R. The Korg has the following connections;
PC to Host
Midi - Thru / Out / In
1/4" Output - R / L (mono)
Stereo Input - L (white) / R (red)

The keyboard I used to have had direct Midi connecting cables. I ran the keyboard to the Korg and the Korg was hooked up to a stereo to produce sound, which I then recorded from a mic. I love the ability to have access to the sounds the Korg can produce (cello, steel drums, gun shot, etc...) and use them in my recordings. I tried to connect the Yamaha to the Korg through the USB port but there was no signal. I have not been able to find (easily - in store) a 1/4" jack to midi cable.

Any ideas on if this would work or should I try something else???
7 years ago
You cannot convert jack to MIDI cable as jack is analog sound and MIDI is digital note numbers, to put it easily.

You would need to convert the USB out on keyboard to MIDI in on the Korg. You should be able to find USB to MIDI converters on the market.

(Also recording the Korg output might be better quality using its jack output rather than a microphone.)
A USB connection is always between a device and a host, where "host" means a PC, or a device that pretends to be one (such as Kenton's USB MIDI host).

To be able to connect two devices together would require 'real' MIDI connectors.
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