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  Wednesday, 21 September 2016
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I'm running an experiment that measures timing of key presses on a keyboard. To collect my data, I used a Roland RD700 electronic keyboard (with a temporal resolution of 1ms) and a MOTU 828 mkII Firewire as a USB-MIDI interface (and Cubase as software).

I can no longer access that equipment for the next part of my experiment and therefore I am looking for a different option that would be as close to that one as possible. I own a Casio CDP-130 Compact Digital Piano (http://www.casio-music.com/euro/instruments/digital-pianos/compact/cdp-130/) which has a USB-out and in the specs it says it can send data to a computer. Can I use that and a simple USB cable to connect to a computer? Can I somehow make sure this setup would have as low a latency as possible? Many thanks for any advice!

Most MOTU USB MIDI devices use isochronous transfers (the same mechanism as used with MIDI over FireWire), while all other USB MIDI devices use bulk transfers. The difference is that the former has higher latency and slightly smaller jitter.

Furthermore, using a 'real' MIDI connection would impose additional latency (about 1 ms for a note message).
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