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  Thursday, 13 December 2018
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Hey guys, i´m a 26 years old student from Germany. I want to do a Project in school with some 10 to 12 years old boys and girls.
I want to show them how a Songwriter this times do their job and use Logic X and a Midi-Keyboard to show and teach them how
Music-Demo-Production works. We do some Songwriting-stuff with lyrics and chords and we only got one Midi-Keyboard.
Do you have some experiences with a class and Midi?

Thanks and greetings from Germany. Pls ignore grammar :-D
I have been told by a few music teachers that my software VMPK (Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard) is used in classrooms as a didactic tool, emulating real MIDI keyboard controllers when you can't provide one to each student. It is free software and works in macOS as well as in Linux and Windows computers. You (the teacher) can also use it along with a projector or a big display to show the students while you press keys on your real MIDI keyboard, maybe resizing the keys and customizing the number of octaves and highlight color on the display for better accessibility. There are some video tutorials on YouTube about using VMPK and Ableton together, hopefully similar to using it with Logic. And you can ask here if you need more assistance. :)

4 years ago
Hi Christian,

I am also from Germany, namely from Munich. I have developed a Virtual Organ Console Control unit. This device helps to create a real organ console from MIDI keyboards, digital pianos, and ANY MIDI musical instruments. You may find the details on my website and also here, on MIDI.ORG. Feel free to contact - I shall answer your questions with pleasure.

My Website
Virtual Organ Console Unit - Article on MIDI.ORG

Best regards,
Oleg Rudakov
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