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  Tuesday, 19 April 2016
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I have had a Novation Launchkey 49 for over 2 years now and i'm still unable to use all of the functions on the keyboard for programming inside of FLStudio (Specifically for Performance Mode).

One of the main things I wanted to do was to change the color of the pads as the default color is Red. I can use it for Pro Tools which is quite nice but other than that it's only good for the Keys.
Does anyone know how to fully function each part of the the keyboard from the Pads to the controls etc. and the programming side (computer settings etc.) to get this thing fully functional.

The things that do work are:
- Keys
- Volume Controls
- Pads

The rest of the functions only work in other DAW.. and I'd like to stick to FLStudio :P if I can.
Novations documents the required SysEx messages in the Programmers Reference Guide.

According to someone on the internet,
FL can not send sysex by itself but with bundled "Synth Maker" version you can make your own very effective VST interface sysex control ..Ask in their forum.
Actually, the Launchkeys do not use SysEx messages for that; you just have to send the appropriate controller messages.
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