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  Monday, 11 September 2023
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I the software I am working on, I use the one with the larger tick. And if they are at same tick, I go with GS.

But is there a smarter way to choose how to treat a file? The main thing I use it for is determining which instruments is used.
Nikolai set the type of the post as  How To Question — 1 week ago
If you were using a hardware synthesizer connected with a MIDI cable, the last message sent would be the one that is effective.

Anyway, trying to send two different settings at the same time is silly. There is just not enough information to deduce what the original intent could be.
1 week ago
In my program I keep the last event, although now that I think about it, it depends on the device that receives it, it could stay processing the first event and lose the second.
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