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  Friday, 01 September 2023
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Hi, I want to know what method that changes the pitch of a drum note on Channel 10 with Sound Canvas module and how to do it. I'm clueless on how people managed to change the pitch of the handclap note in a MIDI file I was looking at.
3 months ago
In the manual for the Roland Sound Canvas SC-55, page 75 in the MIDI Implementation section includes the following in the list of Non-Registered Parameter Numbers:

NRPN MSBLSBData entry MSBDescription
18HrrHmmHPitch coarse of drum instrument
relative change on specified drum instrument
rr: key number of drum instrument
mm: 00H-40H-7FH (-64 - 0 - +63 semitone)

So I think, for example, to change the handclap an octave higher, you could send these messages?:

B9 63 18 (Control Change Channel 10, Controller 99 NRPN MSB, Value 24 for "Pitch Coarse of drum instrument")
B9 62 27 (Control Change Channel 10, Controller 98 NRPN LSB, Value 39 for Handclap)
B9 06 4C (Control Change Channel 10, Controller 6 Data Entry MSB, Value 76 for +12 semitones)
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