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  Thursday, 17 August 2023
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I ve been struggling for a while to use my Yamaha P45 with my computer and I can not get it to work properly.

I installed the Yamaha driver et followed correctly the steps to establish the midi connection.

The Keyboard is indeed detected. But THE problem is that my computer doesn't receive any input from the Yamaha. However, the ouptut works: the computer can trigger music on the piano speakers.

I ve tried the following midi tools : Synthesia, Flowkey, midi tester online, pocket midi, latouchemusicale. All of them detect properly the keyboard but they do not detect any key I play on the Yamaha.

I use a standard 0,5m printer usb cable to connect the yamaha. I have no other peripheral device plugged in (not even mouse) .

I have also tested with another computer .

if you have had this problem can you share your solution please ?
3 months ago
If the Yamaha driver is installed using a program/app, you can try uninstalling it and re-installing by right clicking the icon and selecting "Run as administrator".

You can also try to run one of the actual MIDI programs by also ight clicking the icon and selecting "Run as administrator".

If running the app as administrator works, you can right click the icon, click "Properties", then the "Compatibility" tab, and then checkmark "Run this program as an administrator", and it will always run as an admin afterwards.
3 months ago
I ve found out something that seems to work : admin account.

Since I tried on 2 different PC one of which has only one user account, I didn't suspect the admin account to be a problem.

But I tried anyway:

  1. uninstall the yamaha driver
  2. restart computer
  3. login admin account. If you have no user admin account, create one
  4. install the yamaha driver following the yamaha instructions
  5. restart the computer and log in to admin account and the midi transmissions in and out should work (events are triggering on midi tester online, synthesia detects played keys )

I ve tried 5 restarts so far and it always work on admin account but not on the main user account.

Still wodering though why it worked once out of my 50 attempts on my main account
From a technical point of view, the USB protocol is bidirectional, so the working output implies that this is not a hardware problem.

Yamaha documents receiving USB/MIDI data here: https://manual.yamaha.com/mi/common/computer/en/computer_en_rm_v0_06.htm The P45 does not have most of these settings, so it is not possible for them to be wrong. (It has "MIDI Transmit Channel", but that should not matter because the test programs would show all channels.)

I guess "Digital Piano-1" is the only port that can be selected?

As far as I can see, all your MIDI tools are web sites. Can you check with a native app like Pocket MIDI or MIDIView?
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