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  Tuesday, 28 March 2023
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Do chorus and reverb behave the same across devices? Do they work per channel, or globally?

So far, all of my files I have had each channel setting reverb of 30 and chorus of 10. I'm now editing a file where I wanted one channel to have 127 of each, but it seems to be affecting all channels, at least with my current playback (Winamp/VirtualMIDISynth).

Is this a problem with my playback, or is this expected behavior?
Jason set the type of the post as  Technical Question — 8 months ago
Not all devices implement chorus and reverb the same way, but they should be reasonably close.
According to the spec, it's supposed to be per channel. Again, different devices implement these things differently and some of them are not according to spec.
This is not expected behaviour, but it might be your device rather than your software that is at fault.
8 months ago
Okay, thanks. That's what I suspected. I'll mess around with it some more at a later point. I did have to just restart my computer because my MIDI stuff wigs out sometimes when I change audio outputs, like switching to headphones or bluetooth while any MIDI stuff is already open. But I already reverted the file to the old reverb/chorus settings.
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