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  Thursday, 23 March 2023
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Just curious if anyone knows of a visual (pictoral) MIDI instrument map, meaning, for example, a GM1 MIDI chart that includes both the names AND a picture of each instrument.

The project I am working on requires me to sift through literally hundreds (thousands?) of GS instrument names/sounds to select ones that closely match sounds I am trying to replicate. I know what a lot of instruments look like, and therefore can guesstimate their sound just by seeing their name. I have absolutely no idea what kind of instrument a whole slew of others are, so the only way I can hazard a guess as to if it will fit my needs it to set it, play my file, and either go "Yup" or "Nooooo" (maybe supplemented with a google search). Its patch number sometimes gives a clue (like all overdrive guitar types are generally around patch #30), but sometimes not.

Just for a general idea, this is what I am working with in terms of available sounds from my active soundfonts. Starting at the top left, each row is a MSB value, 0-127. Each column is a Patch number, 0-127. Each dot is an available patch sound.

(Alas, the attachment option is not working at the moment. If it works later, I can attach it. Just know, there are a lot of dots!)
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Ahhh, here we go. Now you may see all of my dots!


My soundfonts actually support all three major formats, so there is some overlap and additional things not normally included in the "standard" GS mapping.
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