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  Thursday, 16 March 2023
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Hello everyone.
Would it be possible for you to help me with my situation?
My situation is as follows: I have a Yamaha Genos and a Korg M3.
I want to create arrangements using the Genos' sounds with the Korg M3's sequencer.
Could you explain how to configure the MIDI settings in both the Korg M3 and the Yamaha Genos in order to achieve this?
I have checked all of the manuals of either device with no luck, and couldn't find any videos, either. Additionally, I had no luck on the Yamaha Musicians forum, PSRTutorials, Reddit, and some Facebook groups, I either got no response, ro what I got didn't help.
On top of that, I have no experience with something like this; for over 25 years I've worked solely on Korg workstations, and never had to connect another synthesizer to them. I purchased the Genos about 2 months ago and found that its sequencer is lacking several functions that the M3's sequencer has, for instance "put pattern to track" "copy/erase measure" "overdub," separated "pattern event/step rec" and "track event/step rec."
Maybe if I'd bought the Yamaha Montage I wouldn't have had this problem, but the sounds of the Genos are better than all of those synthesizers, so I decided to use the Genos's voices to record in the Korg M3's sequencer.

Thank you in advance for your time.
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8 months ago
Check page 40 of the M3 manual.

You need to set Local Control to OFF.

Then connect your MIDI OUT on the M3 to MIDI IN on the Genos.

Haven't had a chance to check the Genos manual, but that should give you a starting point.
8 months ago
Since all of the actual sequencing will still be taking place on the M3, the Genos will be acting solely as a (live) playback device.

Manual for the Genos:

MIDI configuration starts on page 142

It looks like you may need to load and then modify one of the MIDI templates.
Assuming you connect the M3 MIDI OUT to the Genos MIDI A, you may need to set "Clock" to "MIDI A" (not sure on this one, but seems logical).
Same with Local Control. This may need to be set to OFF (but it may work with it set to ON as well?)
System Exclusive Receive should be ON.
Under the Receive section, assign parts as required, 1-16 if you are connecting with a MIDI cable.
Under External Controller, erm, there's a lot there. Without having the device in front of me, I can only guess that you want to set up a 1 to 1 CC mapping from one to the other.

The receive section has a monitor so you can test out whether your various channels are passing through properly.

Try starting there, let us know how it goes. There are others here with much more MIDI hardware experience that can hopefully help fine tune the settings once the basics are up and running.
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