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  Sunday, 26 February 2023
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If a keyboard or midi instruments has a specification which indicates 128 note polyphony. What is the best way to test and verify this? Anyone have any ideas. Using a DAW I was going to send all 128 notes as long note and then turn each one off one at a time and see if I can the see each note turn off either in spectrum from or in Melodyne. Does anyone have a better idea how to do this? bit of brain fog this morning.
Greg set the type of the post as  Technical Question — 3 months ago
In general, when you exceed the polyphony, the oldest note gets stopped.
Start one note with a distinct sound, then start 128 other notes (with different channels and note values, to avoid duplicates). The first note should stop only with the last new note. Don't use a percussive instrument like piano, but a sustained one like flute or strings.

Many synthesizers have instruments that use two voices.
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