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  Saturday, 12 November 2022
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I am researching how to properly setup the system I am building. This is an art project where I need to control various lights and robotic actuators where all are driven by playing a midi file with a dozen+ individual midi tracks.

I believe I will need to be using a DAW program like Cubase, Presonus Studio One, or FL Studio. In there I will built my midi tracks mapping a song out.

Then I need to trigger actions in my external real world equipment through some kind of physical IO device. I'm looking at the ENTTEC DMX USB Pro or the ENTTEC DMX USB Pro2. From there I can use DMX compatible lights or relay boards to interact with my electronics.

The area I am fuzzy on is bridging the world between my DAW software and the ENTTEC DMX USB hardware. I'll need each electronic device (think solenoid) tied to a single midi track with a single note on it (Think snare drum).

It appears that I will need to use the EMU software and set up a VST3 Plugin/device in the DAW software? This is what I'm not clear on and any help is appreciated.

Is what I want to do possible? Am I headed in the right direction or missing some steps?

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I'm also a little fuzzy, but it does look like you'll need the EMU software and then you might have two alternatives:
  • You can use the EMU VST3 plug-in inside of any MIDI DAW software that can use VST3 plug-ins. It sounds like this VST3 plug-in is installed during the EMU software installation.
  • You can connect the MIDI output of any MIDI sequencer software to the MIDI input of the EMU software by using a virtual MIDI cable such as loopMIDI on Windows or by using Audio MIDI Setup on a Mac.

DMX USB Pro page: Download User Manual

DMX USB PRO Mk2 page: Download User Manual

EMU page: MIDI Integration section ... VST3 Plugin section ... Download User Manual

ENTTEC Support: How do I send MIDI from one application to EMU on the same computer?

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