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  Sunday, 02 October 2022
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I am just about done with my second soundtrack for the SNES MIDI Remaster Project.

I'm having an issue with this one particular file, where "strings" stop playing, a program change for "small taiko" happens, and plays a note. For some reason, the strings are continuing to sound for a split second along with the small taiko, so the note that the taiko plays also has a hit of string, and it shouldn't. Any suggestions?

In this screenshot, the upper part is the end of the "strings", and then you can see where the "small taiko" kicks in. The strings also make a sound with the note on at 00:00:21:192 / 5298, but why? Even if I play the song back at 25% speed, it still happens. I don't see anything readily apparent.

Isolate the track titled "Track 2" (it is track 3 in the actual file) to hear what I mean.
1 year ago
Thanks! I had to shorten the last strings note significantly. In Sekaiju, I dropped "value 3" from 255 down to 150. Any higher and it was too long. No more high ting!

A lost easier than trying to split the channel without some software to do it for me automatically.
1 year ago
What you are hearing is the sound of the E-flat strings note that is still decaying. When the F-sharp taiko note starts, there is also a change to a higher Expression value, so the decaying sound of the previous E-flat strings note suddenly becomes louder.

To work around the issue, you can make the length of the strings note a little shorter so it will finish decaying completely before the taiko note and higher Expression value come in.

Or perhaps you can reorganize the sounds so the strings and taiko use different channels. That way a higher Expression value for the taiko channel won't cause the decaying strings note to suddenly become louder.

(Troubleshooting process: In Sekaiju, I soloed the track and examined it in the piano roll window. I selected the Preview tool (speaker icon) and dragged over the problem notes. If you drag quickly, the strings note re-sounds at a louder volume. If you drag very slowly, the strings note does not re-sound at all. I changed the graph at the bottom to show Expression and started to realize what was going on: It was the decaying sound of the strings note suddenly becoming louder because of the change to a higher Expression value.)
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