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  Saturday, 01 October 2022
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Could I get some advice for MIDI connections on my rig?

Korg X-50 (in, out)
Roland Fantom XR (in, out, bypass)
Roland GI-20 (in, out)
Miditech MIDIface 8x8 MIDI Interface (8 in, 8 out)

MIDI -ox
6 channel mixer board (Usb only)
Windows PC 10

I would like to be able to control and hear, my Fantom XR via my Korg-51, play the SI-20 through the XR. Be able to change a patch via the X50 and SI-20. I can do that but it doesn't run very smoothly, sometimes it works perfectly other times a few nagging twerks. I'm still learning the MIDI ins and outs, and there seems like there would be a better alternative then my configuration.

Also what is a good site for learning MIDI connections?

Thank you in advance.
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1 year ago
It seems that you must have your Korg X-50 Midi out plugged into your Roland Fantom XR Midi In and have the output A (mix) routed to the tape (DAW) or mixing console while having the Midi Thru routed to your Roland GI-20.

You can learn some good basics on Midi from various blogs as well but LANDR covers pretty good ground when it comes to the essentials.

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