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  Thursday, 29 September 2022
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Greetings folks. Next spring I'll be heading out across the world on a motorcycle, with some added tech. I bought these controller boards from Germany that allow for 4 different types of controllers to be added to it - standard POTS, breath controller, etc.. I plan to use these to wire up my clutch and brake levers, plus the shifter (up and down) and the back brake as well as the throttle. The boards have a simple MIDI in and MIDI out and run off 12v. There's one thing missing and a few questions folk here may have ideas on.

I'd like to add a gyroscopic controller, so as I lean the bike, I generate midi data. There's a few I've found, but not one that JUST does this function. I have found Arduino projects for this, but I was hoping to find something off the shelf.

Finding the pots to use on the levers has proven difficult. Ok, so to ensure clarity - as I pull in the clutch it generates continuous controller data.

I need weather proof and smaller pots of some kind for the levers. Planning on using piezo's for the shifter - these are simple switch controllers. The throttle pot should not be that difficult - but any ideas would be most appreciated.

Yes, I know how I'm going to turn MIDI data into music. Kind of, as I have the systems, but have not tried it yet - and - I will not be monitoring or having live input while riding - not going out there to kill myself.

I've modded an Intel NUC for a computer - built a secondary power system on the bike for this - and over the winter will put the whole package together.

If anybody has any ideas on an off the shelf gyroscopic midi device - and what kind of pots and where they can be got - or any general ideas or feedback - all most welcome.

Thanks for reading
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