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  Tuesday, 03 May 2022
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Glad to find this resource! I need help with connecting an iRig MIDI 2 iPad interface and 2 other devices.

I am a professional loop performer, and have been using a brand-new Boss RC600 Loop Station along with a Morningstar MC8 controller for several months now. This is my first foray into MIDI control and I’m having a blast!

The looper has numbered memory slots, I have been able to send PC messages to the MC8, so whatever memory location is set in the looper, the MC8 is synced and ready to go. Memory location 6 on the looper = bank 6 on the MC8 controller, and life is great.

I use an iPad for lyrics, and it can send PC messages as well through the lyric app. So I thought it’d be neat to have full synchronization, so when I choose a song on the iPad, the looper and MC8 automatically go to the required bank. And it works! Except ....

Initially I lost MIDI control of the looper. So the banks changed on the looper and MC8, but the MC8 would not activate anything on the looper. So I reworked the wiring/settings and:

Now, I’ve got Midi control back AND the iPad can do the bank switching. But, manually changing banks on the looper no longer banks the MC8 up or down.

I’m lost. I feel like I’ve tried every possible configuration of wiring and settings with no luck.

The iRig has IN/OUT/THRU jacks.
The looper and MC8 both have only IN/OUT, and the OUT is configurable to also be THRU on both.

I need full communication between the MC8 and the looper; PC and CC messages. The iPad ONLY needs to send PC messages to which both devices react. The iPad does not need to receive any messages nor send CC. It’s only a patch/bank change.

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks for reading!
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