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  Tuesday, 01 March 2016
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OpenDeck MIDI platform is a combination of microcontroller firmware, PCB board and GUI application. (At the moment GUI application is still in design phase).

The platform allows hassle-free building of MIDI controllers and their configuration via MIDI System Exclusive messages and Web interface, without any need of reprogramming the chip.

If you want to build your controller, you can simply buy buttons, potentiometers, encoders etc., connect them to the board and use your brand new MIDI controller with any MIDI software on any OS.

The hardware:

DIN MIDI (in/out)
64 inputs for buttons / 32 inputs for encoders
32 analogue inputs
48 outputs for single color LEDs or 16 RGB LEDs (RGB LED is actually three LEDs)
Power supply via USB B cable.

Board front:


Board back:

Configurable features:

MIDI channels:
Program change
Control change
Pitch bend
MIDI input

MIDI features:
Enable/disable standard note off
Enable/disable running status (DIN MIDI only)
Enable/disable DIN MIDI in to USB MIDI out converter

Button configuration:
Button type (momentary/latching)
Enable/disable program change send instead of notes
MIDI note

Analog configuration:
Enable/disable analog input
Invert analog value
Analog input type (potentiometer/FSR)
CC number
Lower CC limit
Upper CC limit

LED configuration:
Hardware parameters:
*total LED number
*blink time
*start-up LED switch time
*start-up animation routine
*fade speed
LED activation note
LED start-up number
Enable/disable RGB LED
Test LED state

Encoder configuration:
Enable/disable encoder
Invert encoder value
Encoding type (7Fh01h/3Fh41h)
CC number

Data restoration:
Restoration of single parameter back to default (ie. restore potentiometer 6 CC number to default)
Restoration of all parameters within message type (ie. restore all button notes to default)
Complete factory reset of all values

Documentation for manual SysEx configuration is available here.

Web UI tool (alpha preview):

For availability/purchasing please contact me directly.
Hi Igor,

We will also list your product in our round up of DIY MIDI tools and products.


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6 years ago
Hello would this midi controller be velocity sensitive?
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