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  Wednesday, 31 January 2018
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So I'm just getting started with MIDI and I need help. I recently decided to build my dream pedalboard, got the whole thing cabled, velcroed, and zip-tied. Now I just need to learn how to make all the pedals cooperate with each other. The first device in the chain is a USB-MIDI interface, which I am planning on using with both my iPad Pro and my laptop. The MIDI out goes to a Source Audio SoleMan, which has two outs, one connected to a Source Audio NeuroHub and the other going to a Boss ES-5 pedal switcher. I also have two Eventide H9 pedals, which use Bluetooth and an app for their MIDI connection. I don't know where to begin but what I am hoping for is some guidance on how to set the whole thing up so that I can use the footswitches on the SoleMan and ES-5 change the parameters on all of my pedals at once. For reference my signal chain goes; Bass/Synth/Theremin>Tech21 VTBass Pedal>EBS Multi-Comp>Amp>Effects Loop Send>Boss ES-5>Source Audio Bass Multiwave Distortion, Source Audio Bass Manta Filter, Source Audio Orbital Modulator (all connected to the NeuroHub), the two Eventide H9s>Boss ES-5 out,>Limiter>Audio Interface>Amp Effects Loop Return

I used to run a fully analog Moogerfooger pedalboard that ran entirely on patch cables, and this digital stuff is just blowing my mind right now.

I would contact Source Audio directly as you have a lot of their gear.

The key is learning to use the Source Audio Neuro Hub. Essentially you should be able to control all three of the Audio Source devices by sending Program Change messages.

This is from the Neuro Hub's Online FAQ.

This breakthrough in effect technology introduces Source Audio’s new scene saving functionality, enabling the creation of up to 128 single or multi-pedal presets (i.e. “scenes”), each recallable via MIDI Program Change messages. Simply dial in your One Series and Soundblox 2 effects as you would any traditional pedalboard, then hit SAVE on the Hub and your pedal settings are captured! Enjoy the power of one-step scene recall without the headache of navigating a complicated multi-effects processor.

You have to think if two signal chains. One for MIDI and one for audio.

Like a difficult piece of music, break down the problem into smaller pieces and learn each one. Start with figuring out the Source Audio gear, then move on to integrating other pieces of your setup. You have chosen a really complicated, but very flexible system. So take your time and get input from the people who made your gear because they know it better than anyone else.


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