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  Tuesday, 21 September 2021
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Hi. OK, new to this forum but NOT new to Midi generally but recent events totally perplexing me, namely I can't get any USB Midi drivers to work with W7 / W10

I have a much-maligned Swissonic USB>midi which worked out the box a couple or so years ago on my W7 setup. I used it successfully for Dumping SYSEX files in MIDI-OX and other Sysex apps and linked to CUBASE LE4. It seems to have utilized the ROLAND UM-1G driver. Nothing has changed in my setup, but when I went to use it the other day it does not show up and the now Windows interpreted 'USB Audio device' driver fails to load and has a yellow triangle in the device manager. So I downloaded a newer Roland UM-1G driver but no use - it stalls when asking to plug the USB in. I tried installing directly via the install *.inf file but am told this device does not install in this manner. The same happens on two other clean install W7 machines and my clean W10 laptop. What does work is on an XP laptop but where again shows as a USB audio device.

Now when I run up Cubase on the W7 install I see that the once successfully connected as UM-1G is showing as 'Not Present'' in MIDI Setup and a video I did to show SYSEX Dump on my BOSS ME-5 just 18 months ago shows it again connected as 'Connected device s UM-1G' again.

Have Googled everything around this issue and nothing has helped.

So the Swissonic works (in XP) and have added no hardware drivers to the W7 machines to counter the MIDI, so am now just flummoxed...

Sound familiar anyone??

Thanks for your insights.

Muse Dash
2 years ago
You should not be surprised when a non-Roland device does not work with a Roland driver. It should either use Microsoft's driver or a Swissonic driver. As far as I can tell, Swissonic doesn't even have a website for their products. So if it is going to work at all, it will only be on Microsoft's driver.

Have you tried just connecting to a different USB Port or through a USB Hub? Sometimes changing ports can clear up USB driver issues. If that doesn't work, I think the best fix is to buy a different USB MIDI interface. I recommend buying from a MIDI Association member company such as Roland, iConnectivity, Yamaha, or MOTU.

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