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  Monday, 06 September 2021
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Hey!! this is my first post. Great Forum, thanks for this.

I need some help: I'm trying to use my Alesis Sr-16 as MIDI controller for some functions of my Electro Harmonix 45.000 Looper. I already got the SR-16 to act as MIDI CLOCK commanding the tempo, start and stop commands for the Looper. Now I want to make use of the Electro Harmonix Looper's (externally controlled only) track mute functions. According to the manual the EHX 45000 can receive track mute messages on Programs 102, 103, 104, 105, but I just don't know how to send these messages using some of the pads on the Alesis SR-16.

I have the MIDI charts for both machines, but I just don't understand MIDI well enough to get this going.

Any help out there?
8 months ago
I don't know what you mean by 'Programs 102, 103, etc'.

The numbers 102 etc look like they could be Midi Controllers, these specific numbers are listed as 'undefined' which means that they exist, but are not normally used. This means that they are available for a manufacturer to use for their own purposes. Such as muting. A controller is usually a three byte series. The first byte would be (in hex) Bc where the B represents 'Control Change' and the c would be the Channel 0 - F. The second byte would be the Controller Number, i.e. 66 (102 in decimal). The third byte would be a number, and exactly how this might be used I don't know. 0 might be off, 1 might be on, or if there's a degree of mute then this value might be 0 to 7F. Does the manual offer any examples.

The other device then would need to be told of the three values to be sent,, and when, i.e. there is a key to press which sent the controller codes to be received by the other device.

Does this make any sense to you?

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