Friday, 24 March 2017
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I have a DDRUM DD1 that on a computer with windows 7 works perfectly.
I changed my notebook and the new one has windows 10 installed.
Now when I connect my DD1 via USB the device manager does not recognize edrum (an error code [10]).

I searched the internet for some solution but so far it seems to be a lost fight. DDRUM don´t have more support for this model.

If someone has a solution thank you right away.
This device uses the standard USB MIDI protocol and should work with the built-in Windows driver from Microsoft. So this is probably not a software problem (unless Microsoft introduced a new bug in Windows 10).

Try another USB port, or another computer.
4 years ago

I don't know if this will help, but maybe it's something.

Windows helpdesk prob will not help, as they'd need to admit that W10 is 'broken' in this regard, and they don't like that.

You might follow links regarding Coolsoft, and Virtual Midi Synth, and read the various notes.

Then follow link for Coolsoft Midi Mapper, read that, and download that package and install it.

Your present driver may well have worked under W7, but subsequent systems no longer provide the 'hooks' for such systems to link into. Or if they are there, they are now hidden and NOT easily accessed. The Coolsoft Mapper creates a new process to link to, and if you re-install your DDRUM etc after the mapper is active, then it may link and work.

Let us know if this helps.

I've installed the Coolsoft Virtual Synth under XP, and it works great. I've got a W7 laptop, but I've not tried that. Yet? No plans to even touch W10. However, the Coolsoft site does claim W10 should work (W8 and 8.1 as well).

3 years ago
Well probably windows 10 have native support for the DDrum but if not reinstall all in compability mode see "properties installation file" chose XP or Win 7.and try.
I even got an old digital mixer up and running under Windows 10, TASCAM FW1884. support was long gone with windows 7..
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