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Hi there! I can't seem to use my continuous sustain pedal for half pedalling, I have a Korg DS-1H continuous sustain pedal hooked up to an M-audio Hammer 88 controller. I'm working in FL studio and use a plugin called Noire by Native Instruments (that supports half pedalling). (normal pedalling as an on/off switch works fine FYI)

I've done a lot of reading and have had trouble finding info on whether my Hammer 88 can support it (or any midi controller for that matter), I've heard that people have worked around issues by plugging the sustain pedal in the expression pedal input but I can't seem to get that working either, I have even tried assigning the half pedal parameter to the mod wheel just to see if I can use the effect at all and have also failed so I'm really confused as to what could be the problem here, keen to hear everyone's suggestions.

Thanks guys!
2 years ago
Same problem here with a Roland RPU-3 pedal on the M-Audio Hammer 88 MIDI keyboard using Ableton 11 Suite. Seems like the problem is in the Hammer 88 software it keeps reading CC 11 when I "Control" MIDI map any of the pedals to a Macro knob in the rack of the midi instrument. The CC 11 (Control Change) is all that gets mapped to the macro knob in the MIDI rack in Ableton no matter what pedal input is used on the RPU-3 and as you can see from the list below provided by me curtesy of the "Hammer 88 Preset Editor" and the settings I copied from the list of "CC Absolute" values you can set in the software. As you can see CC 11 is used for "Expression" which according to M-Audio forum is for the "Expression Pedal Input" which is the "EXP" pedal input on the Hammer 88 not the "Sustain" input which is supposed to send CC 64 from the pedal stuck in the "Sustain" jack. In the "Hammer 88 Preset Editor" it looks as though you can set the controls but they don't seem to stick once you send them to the Hammer 88, or at least not once Ableton 11 Suite is opened. I tried using a 1/4" Male Stereo to 1/4" Female Mono adapter because the Roland RPU-3 pedals use a 1/4" Male Stereo connector, thinking the LSB and MSB (Least/Most Significant Bit) were two different parts of the 7 bit resolution range 0-127 allowing the pedal to somehow scale through a 0-127 resolution range in a more dynamic way then a plain old linear slope. So I'm looking for a way to use this Roland triple pedal setup even if I have to go back to school and get an Electrical Engineering degree and run down to Radio Shack to soldier my own circuit board together.

I'm not sure what's harder to figure out a Rubato tempo with a Neapolitan chord and what to label this Eb°addb13_xx12o2 chord in this song using G Major and Minor Mixed scale? You would think MIDI would be much Simpler or Sampler or one of those I forget which ;)

I've heard of things working before I just can't remember where? I've tried so many things now I forget all the things I tried to get this keyboard to work with these pedals and the MIDI in Ableton so I think it's safe at this point to blame it on M-Audio and Ableton and Roland in concert and yeah I'm trying to follow their tempo... or am I not and they are not following my tempo?!? Anyway, C'mon guys hire some programmers that know C++ and not just Python to fix this I have to catch up to Ariana and Dua with all these number one releases (good luck Bieber) if I'm ever going to have a chance to land Cara my dream girl (...and possibly soulmate :) At this point I'm hoping I get Mr. Gates attention and he lets Microsoft release a driver software update with Windows 11 for M-Audio, Ableton, and Roland.

0 Bank Select
1 Modulation Modulation Wheel
2 Breath Control
3 Controller 3
4 Foot Control
5 Portamento Time
6 Data Entry MSB
7 Channel Volume Master Volume Fader
8 Balance
9 Controller 9
10 Pan
11 Expression Expression Input
12 Effects Controller 1
13 Effects Controller 2
14 Controller 14
15 Controller 15
16 General Purpose 1
17 General Purpose 2
18 General Purpose 3
19 General Purpose 4
20 Controller 20
21 Controller 21
22 Controller 22
23 Controller 23
24 Controller 24
25 Controller 25
26 Controller 26
27 Controller 27
28 Controller 28
29 Controller 29
30 Controller 30
31 Controller 31
32 Bank Select LSB
33 Modulation LSB
34 Breath Control LSB
35 Controller 35
36 Foot Control LSB
37 Portamento Time LSB
38 Data Entry LSB
39 Channel Volume LSB
40 Balance LSB
41 Controller 41
42 Pan LSB
43 Expression LSB
44 Controller 44
45 Controller 45
46 Controller 46
47 Controller 47
48 General Purpose 1 LSB
49 General Purpose 2 LSB
50 General Purpose 3 LSB
51 General Purpose 4 LSB
52 Controller 52
53 Controller 53
54 Controller 54
55 Controller 55
56 Controller 56
57 Controller 57
58 Controller 58
59 Controller 59
60 Controller 60
61 Controller 61
62 Controller 62
63 Controller 63
64 Sustain Pedal Sustain Pedal Sustain(default no CC)
65 Portamento
66 Sostenuto
67 Soft Pedal FS2/Soft Pedal Input
68 Legato Pedal
69 Hold 2
70 Sound Variation
71 Resonance
72 Release Time
73 Attack Time
74 Cutoff Frequency
75 Controller 75
76 Controller 76
77 Controller 77
78 Controller 78
79 Controller 79
80 General Purpose 5
81 General Purpose 6
82 General Purpose 7
83 General Purpose 8
84 Portamento Control
85 Controller 85
86 Controller 86
87 Controller 87
88 Hi-Res Velocity Prefix
89 Controller 89
90 Controller 90
91 Effects 1 Depth
92 Effects 2 Depth
93 Effects 3 Depth
94 Effects 4 Depth
95 Effects 5 Depth
96 Data Increment
97 Data Decrement
102 Controller 102
103 Controller 103
104 Controller 104
105 Controller 105
106 Controller 106
107 Controller 107
108 Controller 108
109 Controller 109
110 Controller 110
111 Controller 111
112 Controller 112
113 Controller 113
114 Controller 114
115 Controller 115
116 Controller 116
117 Controller 117
118 Controller 118
119 Controller 119
120 All Sounds Off
121 Reset All Controllers
122 Local Control On/Off
123 All Notes Off
124 Omni Mode Off
125 Omni Mode On
126 Mono Mode On
127 Poly Mode On
??? Pitch Bend Wheel Pitch Bend
??? -/+ Buttons Program Up / Program Down

Thanks for any info I can't believe this post is so old and has no replies I can't be the only one having this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated and especially if you have this working with the hardware and software I have outlined. There is plenty of mis-information on the web about set it to this and it will work and none of it seems to be working. Unless I try...

2 years ago
The first post is back to last October, I don't remember thinking about this at all, but I assume I saw it back then. maybe there were other messages more approachable, and I never got back to it. And no-one else did either.

Regarding the new posting from Rodney, my immediate thoughts would wonder about channel numbers. The attached picture suggets that the keyboard is sending data on Ch 2, but is the 'playing' device (that makes the sound) receiving on Ch 2? Also, you're referring to Ch 11 (Expression) but the keyboard screen refers to CC 64 and 67??

Also, sending the CC 11 (or any other number) alone will not do anything, the CC will need a value. It is possible that a button generates the CC, but something else (a key press, or a controller (variable)) generates the value (0 - 127) and these need to happen together so that they are received together by whatever device generates the sound. Is this happening?

Different devices may be set to receive specific midi channels, if this is the case then you need to ensire that this is co-ordinated properly.

May need to work through things step by step, see how it goes. But, I cannot help regarding Cara!!

8 months ago

I'm posting this for the Google search engine in case anybody finds this thread via Google, or if the OP still has an issue with this. Here is the solution (that works for me with a Roland DP-10 pedal):

- On a Roland DP-10 or similar pedal that has the function, flip the switch on the side of the pedal to set it to continuous mode.

- Plug the pedal into the "Expression" jack on the back of the Hammer 88 (or in my case, Hammer 88 Pro).

- Open the M-Audio Hammer 88 Preset Editor software on your computer and click on the "Preset" tab at the top.

- Click the expression pedal in the Preset Editor, then underneath that, change the CC value to "64" and press enter to confirm the change.

- Click File-->Send Preset to send your changes over to the Hammer 88/ Hammer 88 Pro.

- From the popup window, choose the preset number of your choice from the dropdown list to send to the unit, then click the "send" button.

- This will store it in your preset slot, but now you have to reload the preset on the Hammer 88 itself. Press and hold the "Preset Select" button, scroll the encoder to the preset slot that you sent the expression change to (in my case it's PRST 9 or Preset 9 on the LCD screen), then press the encoder to select it. This way, it's stored in your preset for next time, and now it will load that change into RAM on the unit. If you send it to the "RAM" option instead of the preset slot from the Preset Editor app, it will update on the Hammer 88 but won't store it in the preset slot for next time.

- In your piano library software, enable the half-pedal option if necessary and you're good to go!
8 months ago
Thanks for the update - I hope it may be a help for OPs.

BUT - What about Cara?

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