Wednesday, 28 June 2023
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Is it possible to increment/decrement Program change messages within a set range? I want to create 2 buttons to inc/Dec the example below.
For example:
If one of these Program change messages are loaded, then I will be able to inc or decrement to the next value-
83, 84, 85, 86
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5 months ago
You do not say what sort of device you're talking about. This will depend on the degree of programability of the device.

There is nothing within midi that will do this as you describe. The PC command (Program Change) will always need at least three explicit bytes, one of which will be the program number (0 to 127). However, a device might remember the current PC data, and change the relevant single byte by one and reapply the whole command.

I have a piece of software that amongst other things (for testing a sound module) does just this so one key press will do as you ask, so it's fairly simple to do, but my software still needs to send a complete PC command each time.

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