X-FX + X-Translate

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Submitted by:Manifest Audio

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

X-FX + X-Translate

A Suite of MIDI-Playable Audio Effects + Real-Time Audio-to-MIDI Conversion

Product Description

X-FX + X-Translate

X-FX: What if you could tune your effects to any scale and key, and even play them via MIDI input in real-time? Designed to enhance harmonic coherence and provide new approaches to signal processing while enabling interactions between otherwise unrelated musical elements, X-FX is comprised of nine unique Max for Live audio effects. In addition to standard timing controls, each effect can be controlled melodically with a MIDI note dial or played via MIDI input with the included X-Relay utility. Better yet, when played in a harmonic mode, all X-FX can be constrained to 69 scales in any key, selected locally within the device or by default via the bundled Global Hub utility. Tuned comb filtration, frequency modulation, delay, bit reduction, resonant filtration, and harmonization are all within your grasp, while time-based effects such as X-Delay and X-Reverb can be controlled with a highly-flexible base rate and multiplier combination, allowing for new levels of rhythmic precision and alignment. Extreme feedback and unruly distortion can be safely explored with optional output limiting on all devices. X-Translate: What if you could transform any sound, sample, or audio source into any other instrument — in real-time? A unique, responsive, all-in-one Audio-to-MIDI device, X-Translate is designed to easily and instantly convert audio from any source — audio clips or live input — into approximate MIDI note data in real-time to drive any virtual or hardware instrument at your disposal. While Live features offline audio-to-MIDI conversion, it’s not useful in a performance setting. It also lacks the sort of fine-tuning needed to obtain optimal results in context — let alone the option to quantize output rhythmically, or into a specific scale and key. In default Melody mode, X-Translate uses a root note detection algorithm with Sensitivity and Resolution controls to produce generally corresponding MIDI notes. In contrast, Drums mode simply triggers a specified MIDI note whenever the threshold is exceeded. In both modes, output can be quantized in milliseconds or via base metric note rate with multiplier and optional reset in bar intervals (for unique, pseudo-arpeggiated patterns) — and harmonically, via Global Hub-compatible scale and key. Finally, output velocity can be boosted or reduced, pitch can be transposed within the selected scale and key, and output can be delayed in milliseconds or in BPM-sychronized base metric note value with multiplier rates for uniquely staggered real-time call-and-response. NOTE - DUE TO ISSUES THE RATHER SMALL FILE SIZE ALLOWANCE OF YOUR SUBMISSION FORM WE ARE UNABLE TO SUBMIT ALL RELEVANT FILES WITH PRESETS, BUT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/47a0rr2646d5g12/AABu7E-_7l3JD9VoekNJRA4za?dl=0

How It's Innovative

Taking advantage of the unique routing possibilities offered by Max for Live, X-FX allows for any time- or frequency-based effects to be controlled by MIDI note. This MIDI note can be set internally to the effect via Note dial - or better yet, played via incoming MIDI notes in Relay mode. In both modes, these notes can be quantized to 69 included scales in any key. MIDI from any track or real-time input source can be flexibly routed into any X-FX device using the included X-Relay utility, which not only allows for MIDI to be routed via up to 64 conduits, but also to be processed creatively: side chained, gated, merged, delayed, transposed, inverted, etc. The included Global Hub utility also ensure harmonic coherence by automatically keeping all X-FX, X-Relay, and other Manifest Audio devices in a set in the same scale and key (unless opted out by pinning a device locally). Combined with our real-time audio-to-MIDI X-Translate device, new possibilities emerge for highly-musical real-time reactivity. Another innovative feature of all X-FX is the unique input processing, which can be set to only apply effects to signal either above or below a specified threshold in dB; for example, only inducing MIDI-tuned delays when the input signal exceeds -15 dB. This input behavior can be toggled instead to a Crossover mode that instead applies effects only to signal below or above a specified frequency, for example, only applying Delay to signal above 800 Hz. Combined with optional output limiting and of course their powerful MIDI controllability, X-FX are truly unique.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

There are too many possibilities to articulate here but one simple example might be: use a microphone input to generate MIDI from vocals in real-time using X-Translate, then use the MIDI extracted from X-Translate as the Relay source for a series of X-FX processing that same vocal - controlling, for example, Harmonizer pitch and Delay time. Or use the vocal-generated MIDI from X-Translate to control X-FX parameters on a completely different track, embedding expressive real-time control across multiple elements in a project. Or, removing X-Translate from the equation, simply use the MIDI from a synthesizer track to control the frequency of a Comb filter in Relay mode on a different track; with Flip engaged in the Comb Filter, and possibly a bit of transposition and output delay from the X-Relay, you can easily generate tuned counterpoint audio FX driven by and responding to any other musical element in your set - all while easily remaining in the same scale and key, thanks to Global Hub. The bundled MIDI modulators expand the possibilities even further, making it these tools integrated ecosystem of expansive sonic potential, all driven by MIDI.

Expansion Plans

We plan to expand our core X-FX offering with new effect types that can also be controlled harmonically via Relay. They will also continue to integrate with all our generative MIDI effects included in our Ultra Bundle. NOTE - DUE TO ISSUES THE RATHER SMALL FILE SIZE ALLOWANCE OF YOUR SUBMISSION FORM WE ARE UNABLE TO SUBMIT ALL RELEVANT FILES WITH PRESETS, BUT YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/47a0rr2646d5g12/AABu7E-_7l3JD9VoekNJRA4za?dl=0


These devices are already commercially available, but we plan to promote them more intensively with an ongoing campaign on social media and beyond over the coming months.